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Our New Brand!

July 23, 2012

Dear Friend,

Last year, we celebrated the wonderful success we’ve achieved together during the past 25 years. The future at our school is bright, with expanding programs, dedicated faculty and staff, and talented students and alumni who continue to set the bar high for excellence. With your continued commitment, our school is well on its way to becoming the premier arts school in the nation. In looking forward to the next 25 years, the school administration has taken time to reflect on our school brand and how it represents our unique offerings and vision for the future.

During the past year, we’ve worked with some of the most celebrated creative professionals in Orange County to refresh our brand, and create a new logo and name that more accurately represents who we are. One of the county’s top branding agencies, RiechesBaird, generously donated valuable time and expertise to help us design a new branding strategy and logo that captures our innovative, world-class school environment.

This new logo is vibrant, youthful, unique, and expressive--just like our students--and I believe it will resonate strongly with our student community. As you may know, a star has been the school’s key identifying emblem for many years and has been incorporated in our logo in some form since the school was founded in 1987. As you can see, we’ve updated the star on our logo to exemplify a more modern look. The colorful blocks that comprise our new star logo are designed to represent how our students, faculty, and programs join together to form a truly unique and collaborative school culture. Together, these colorful blocks come together to create a star using negative-space (squint your eyes slightly if you can’t see the star).

As part of our rebranding, I’m also thrilled to share that we have transitioned our name to Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA). We have opted to omit the word “High” from our formal name because the term “high school” typically refers to grades 9-12 only and our programs have a much broader reach. This year, our school will serve more than 1,850 bright and talented students in grades 7-12. Additionally, our community arts programs provide education to hundreds of students of all ages each year. I believe the name Orange County School of the Arts better encompasses the diversity of our students and the community we serve.

We will continue to use the school’s acronym (OCSA) by calling it “O-SHA” since this has been the school’s nickname for 25 years and it has a strong brand presence in the community. 

I believe our new branding is a wonderful reflection of the unique school culture we’ve created together here at the Orange County School of the Arts.  If you have any questions regarding our new branding, please contact

I look forward to creating another successful school year for our exceptional students!

All good things,

Ralph S. Opacic, Ed.D.
Founder and Executive Director
Orange County School of the Arts

Did you know the Orange County School of the Arts now has an iPhone App! For more information click here.


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